Worried About How To Clean Tear Stains On Dogs? We Have Your Solutions!

Tear stains on dogs are not new, especially if you have a white-coated breed Worried About How To Clean Tear Stains On Dogs. 

It might just seem to be an appearance issue, but it can indicate a more serious underlying health problem in dogs. 

Contact your vet if it persists before implementing any home treatment. You can follow some home-based solutions. 

Still, wondering how to clean tear stains on dogs

We are providing you with a bunch of remedies to naturally remove dog tear stains!

Various Ways How To Get Rid Of Tear Stains On Dogs

Tear stains on dogs can be removed in a number of ways. Depending on your veterinarian’s advice you can choose your tear stain removal options.

If you are planning to use natural home remedies to treat tear stains on your dogs you might resort to coconut oil or apple cider vinegar solutions.

Some might even resort to regular eye cleaning techniques and cutting your dog’s under-eye fur. 

And several organic products might help to remove such stains. These products are available online or even in pet shops near you.

It’s a common ailment but it can easily be cured.

Know-How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally

Some pet parents look for natural ways of removing dog tear stains. 

A few people believe that natural products like coconut oil or apple cider vinegar can remove stains. 

However, these are not scientifically proven. There are no scientifically proven quick natural solutions to eliminate dog tear stains.

Worried About How To Clean Tear Stains On Dogs
Worried About How To Clean Tear Stains On Dogs

Can We Use Coconut Oil For Dog Tear Stains?

It is always advised to consult a vet to know how to clean tear stains on dogs, but some people prefer using home remedies such as coconut oil. 

A few pet parents claim that it worked effectively, although there is no such scientific proof of coconut oil being a tear stain removal solution.

Wondering What Causes Tear Stains In Dogs

Tear stains in dogs can be happening due to several reasons. The important thing is to make sure it is not a serious health issue for the dog.

A few things that cause tear stains in dogs are listed-

  • Eye infections can cause excessive tear secretion which causes further tear stains on your dog.
  • Glaucoma is an eye disease that can cause excessive tear secretion in dogs. 
  • Abrasions to the eye such as corneal ulcers can cause excessive tearing. They are often caused due to eye injuries.
  • Some dogs might suffer from inherent anatomical anomalies which can cause their eyes to tear and leave stains.

Any one of these conditions can cause tear stains in dogs. It is essential to get the correct diagnosis. 

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Troubling Red Yeast Stains On Dog Fur

Red Yeast stains are usually caused by a parasitic fungus called Ptyrosporin. It feeds on skin moisture especially on tear stains on dogs.

They spread very quickly throughout the dog’s body and cause a bad odor.

There are a lot of solutions to remove red yeast stains from a dog’s fur. 

You can always try shampooing the dog frequently. Using saline solutions to clean the red stains is also found to be very effective. 

Natural substances like apple cider vinegar or placing warm tea bags on the stains also help.

Easy Dog Tear Stain Remover Home Remedy

There are no such quick remedies to answer the question of how to clean tear stains on dogs!

No such homemade tear stain remover is scientifically proven to get rid of such stains.

However, many prefer using their homemade remedies like dilute apple cider vinegar solutions or coconut oil solutions to do so.

Some even try shampooing or bathing the dog frequently. 

Worried About How To Clean Tear Stains On Dogs
Worried About How To Clean Tear Stains On Dogs

Worried About How Do You Remove Tear Stains From A White Dog?

Tear stains become very prominent on white dogs. And it is even difficult to remove them.

However, to remove such stains from a white dog, it is essential to wipe its eyes regularly with pet eye cleaning wipes.

Since it affects the fur around the eyes, it is essential to keep the fur under the eyes short and trimmed. 

It is very much suggested to give your dog filtered water and other use other commercial tear stain removers to clean the stains.

Why Are Tear Stains Bad For Dogs?

Tear stains are not just a bad aesthetic for your dog’s appearance but also might indicate serious health issues that your dog might have.

Your dog might be suffering from eye conditions, some allergies, eye injuries, or even ulcers. 

Therefore, it is always suggested that you seek a veterinarian’s advice. A lot of solutions are suggested here, sometimes even medications are required.

Use some organic and commercially available tear stain cleaning solutions.

Know-How To Prevent Tear Stains

Prevention is better than cure! Prevent excessive tearing of your dog, before it starts leaving stains on its face.

There are many ways to prevent tear stains from happening on your dog-

  • Regularly clean your dog. Comb its hair and gently wipe the under-eye area with a soft lint-free cloth or wipes.
  • Try and give professional grooming to your dog at least once a week. It is important to keep the hair around the eyes short and clean.
  • Try and protect your dog from catching allergies or coming in contact with debris. Use a lubricating eyedrop on the dog.
  • Implement a doctor suggested diet to prevent excessive tearing. A hydrolyzed diet is known to help in these problems.

Never Try To Remove Dog Tear Stains Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Many people try to use hydrogen peroxide solutions to remove the tear stains of dogs. However, it is a very inappropriate idea.

It is a chemical substance that can prove very harmful to your dog’s skin and should not be used to remove tear stains.

Worried About How To Clean Tear Stains On Dogs
Worried About How To Clean Tear Stains On Dogs

Best Tear Stain Supplement For Dogs

You need to choose the best and safe commercial tear stain removal supplement for your dog.

Some of the best tear stain removing supplements are-

  • Great Eyes Tear Stain Wipes is one of the best tear stain cleaning agents. It is organic-based and safe and simple to use.
  • Vedco Tear Stain Soft Chews is an organic chewable that removes tear stains from the inside out. It is tasty, safe and easy to administer.
  • Squishface Wrinkle Paste is another effective organic tear stain removal solution.
  • Eye Envy Dog Tear Stain Removal Kit is a value pack filled with various natural items to remove tear stains easily.


1. How Can I Get Rid Of My Dog’s Tear Stains Naturally?

Tear stains can be removed naturally. However, consult your vet to know if it is happening for some other health issues.

Pet parents tend to use natural solutions such as coconut oil or apple cider vinegar to remove tear stains.

2. How Do I Get Rid Of My Dog Tear Stains?

The first step is to consult your vet and make sure there are no serious health issues that are causing it.

You can try a variety of commercially available solutions for cleaning tear stains, such as Squishface Wrinkle Paste, Tear stain removers and even Tear Stain Wipes for dogs.

3. What Causes Brown Tear Stains In Dogs?

The best way to reduce brown tear stains is to keep the eye area clean and dry. 

Take suggestions from the vet before applying any medicines or other solutions.

You can use dilute baby shampoo, commercial eyewashes for dogs, and other such products to clean dark tear stains.

4. How Do Groomers Get Rid Of Tear Stains?

Groomers do not use any special methods to remove tear stains. They try and clean the eye area with professional stain removers. 

After cleaning they remove the excess fur around the eyes to reduce the problem for dogs who are having excessive tears due to the fur. 

To Summarize

Dog tear stains are a very mundane problem for almost every pet parent. However, persisting stains might indicate some serious health issues.

Therefore, a vet’s diagnosis of the problem is very essential. 

Once after getting assured that it is not harmful you can try a variety of solutions to get rid of them.

Don’t need to worry, we have given provided you with every solution about how to clean tear stains on dogs!

Just follow them.

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