Why Is My Dog Not Eating But Drinking Water?

Did you lately notice your dog not having his food but drinking water only? We can help you to understand this behavioral change in your dog.

Now perhaps you have the question in your mind when should I worry about my dog not eating? Before consulting a veterinarian you need to observe or pay very close attention to your dog’s physical and behavioral changes so that the symptoms can be conveyed.

Dog not eating and drinking water and vomiting treatment can be a very real cause of worrying as it can be a sign of illness such as anorexia. Consulting a vet after noticing the changes in his food habits is an essential step otherwise if left untreated it can cause malnourishment and dehydration.

How Do I Know If My Dog’s Health Condition Is Deteriorating?

What are the signs of a dog dying? A pet owner can be haunted by these kinds of thoughts when they discover significant changes in their dog’s behavior. As animals cannot communicate their pains and sufferings, it becomes very difficult to understand if their health is deteriorating.

dog not eating but drinking water
dog not eating but drinking water

But if your dog is old or sick here are some common symptoms that you should be observant of :

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Constant exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Unable to move or lack of desire to walk or run.
  • Constant vomiting
  • Lack of coordination
  • Slower respiration
  • Lack of enjoyment in things or activities which earlier made him very happy.
  • Lack of consciousness and muscle twitching
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Dull eyes and weight loss
  • Unusual stillness
  • Eye and skin problems.

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird And Not Eating?

Sudden changes in a dog’s behavior can be confusing and also worrying. If your puppy or dog is refusing to intake food, there can be several causes behind it. Here we have listed some of the possible causes:

  • Stress: Stressful situations in the family can also change your dog’s or puppy’s environment, which can cause temporary loss of its appetite.
  • Even changes like getting a new home, not seeing his favorite person for days, or even starting a doggy daycare can cause the dog to behave in such a manner.
  • A change in the type of food or the cuisine can also upset the dog’s eating habits. Even changing the brand or flavor of the food can also cause your pet to snub his nose at the food.
  • Don’t rule out the possibility that the food you are serving your dog may have gone bad.
  • The last and the major cause can be illness. Loss of appetite is a major sign that something is wrong with your dog. It can be dental problems, infections, or other diseases which need immediate medical attention.

Lethargy In Dogs – What Can Be The Causes?

Noticing sudden changes in behavior like drowsiness, no interest in going to walk can affect your dog to appear lethargic and unstable. There can be different reasons that can make you think why is my dog sleeping a lot and not eating?

dog not eating but drinking water and vomiting treatment
dog not eating but drinking water and vomiting treatment

Some of the possible causes can be :

  • It can be an age-related disease like osteoarthritis which can cause bone issues.
  • Infection is also a very common condition which may include kennel cough and leptospirosis.
  • Other metabolic diseases such as heart problems, hypoglycemia, or liver problems can also result in lethargy.
  • Food poisoning from toxic food such as garlic and onion is another possible cause.
  • Another substantial reason for lethargy can be obesity which causes intolerance to physical activity and can run the risk of life-limiting diseases.
  • Mental Illness such as dog depression, trauma can also result in the self-isolation of the dog or increased sleeping or lying.

Treatment Or Remedies To Cure Lethargy In Dogs Or Puppies

Although puppies need a lot of sleep and rest for healthy growth and development, it should be full of life and energy when it’s awake. If you find your dog lethargic or not in himself there are treatments to cure it.

  • Weight checks, exercise, and following a proper diet as advised by the vet is necessary.
  • Taking to the vet for an immediate checkup is another necessary step so that blood, urine, and other diagnostic tests can be conducted.
  • Plenty of care, love, and affection should be given if the dog is suffering from mental health issues.

Reasons For My Dog Being Wobbly And Off-Balance

Seeing your dog shaky and wobbly can be disconcerting and upsetting for a dog parent. But if your dog is wobbly, it requires medical attention as the condition can be life-threatening. This uncoordinated walk is probably because of ataxia. Other signs of your dog having vestibular dysfunction can be

  • Very rapid eye movement.
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Eye flicking
  • Walking in cycle
  • Head shaking and frequent scratching

The potential causes can be infections in the middle or inner ear, sudden strokes, intoxication, tumors, or other major internal infections caused by fungi or bacteria.

What can I give my dog with no appetite?
What can I give my dog with no appetite?

Remedies To Help My Dog Get Back To Eating

Being a dog parent it must be very hard to see your dog not eating. How to get a dog to eat can be a constant and worrying thought. But we have an answer to the question of how should I treat my dog when he stops eating- remedies. There are several methods you need to try and watch out for the one that works for your dog.

  • You can start by heating your dog’s food to increase its taste and smell.
  • Do not start pushing your dog to eat but wait for some time until they become hungry.
  • Giving a delightful treat to excite your dog. If your dog has not been keeping well you can give a piece of chicken or other human food to encourage the dog to eat and then mix it with his regular dry food.
  • Adding a broth can also help. It will add a new flavor and taste to it, so the dog unenchanted with the regular food may get back to eating again.
  • Changing the food’s brand can also help you in stimulating your dog’s appetite.
  • Supportive care is another way to get your dog back to eating again. Try to feed your dog using your hands.
  • Subcutaneous fluid therapy cab rehydrates the pet and provides electrolytes that can increase the appetite or the eagerness to eat. If none of the other methods works, then Syringe feeding or a feeding tube is the last option that can save your dog.

Old Dog Losing Weight, Is It Normal?

The old dogs have less energy and slow metabolism so they are always nourished and fed with foods that can make them stronger. It’s a total myth that older dogs only get fat, dropping a little weight is normal. But if the senior dog is losing significant weight gradually then consider it as a warning sign and symptom of some underlying health problems and needs medical help.

Why is my dog shaking and can't stand up?
dog not eating but drinking water

Some of the common causes of weight loss in older dogs can be

  • Dental problems can also affect the dog’s appetite. Dental infections can be painful which can result in the dog showing less interest in his food as chewing can cause pain and losing weight is an inevitable result.
  • The dogs of old and middle age often get affected with diabetes and weight loss is an early symptom of it.
  • Diseases like heart disease, liver, and kidney problems can also result in losing abnormal weight suddenly.

To Sum It

Loss of a dog’s appetite seeks immediate veterinary care and attention.

Constant observation of the physical and behavioral changes needs to be noted for proper diagnosis of the disease.

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