Can Dogs Have Pistachios?

People have always preferred dogs as pets for being loyal and faithful to their masters. Not only are they trustworthy, but they are also indefinitely adorable. So, who can blame someone for falling in love with these quadrupeds? However, with love and desire to pet, them comes responsibility.

We all know how pets try to snatch almost all of their master’s food. But their food habits and digestive system are not capable of every sort of food. This is why the master needs to keep a thorough account of what they are offering. Certain types of food are not suitable for the diet of dogs.

However, apart from those, there are other types of food that are poisonous to dogs. Amongst other general doubts that people have, a common one is ” can dogs can eat pistachio nuts?” With this, you will get all of your doubts answered, so keep reading!

are pistachio healthy for dogs
Can Dogs Have Pistachios

Is it safe for dogs to eat pistachios?

Pistachios are not exactly toxic to dogs. If your little friend has gobbled a few nuts scattered over the dining area, he will supposedly not fall ill. But there are specific reasons why dogs should not have pistachios in their regular diet.

Dogs should have a diet that should be so that it includes high protein, low carbohydrate, and low fat. On the other hand, Pistachios have a very high-fat content, which is why it is not healthy for dogs.

If dogs start having pistachios regularly in their diet, they might have weight problems or even pancreatitis. If dogs accidentally eat salted pistachios, that might increase their blood pressure and even damage their kidneys.

Can dogs have pistachio shells?

Dogs should not have pistachios shells either. These shells cannot be broken in the digestive systems of dogs. If a dog eats pistachios along with shells, it might cause discomfort that might even lead to blockage.

If the powerful chompers of your dogs break the pistachio nuts in their system, that will lead to worse consequences.

How many pistachios can a dog eat?

As noted, pistachios are not perfect for a healthy diet for your dog. Thus, even though pistachios make an excellent snack for us, they cannot be introduced to the daily diet of our dogs.

However, if your dog consumes one pistachio that is unsalted and unshelled once in an extended period, then it would not be exposed to worse health threats.

What nuts are toxic to dogs?

Pet-owners are often concerned about what foods exactly would harm the health of their dogs. Certain nuts which offer humans their favorite snack are not-so-good for the dogs. The diet of dogs generally does not include a lot of nuts.

Though some of those, when taken in small quantities over a long period, do not pose serious threats. Otherwise, most nuts are not considered safe for your dogs. Some of the nuts that would be toxic for the dogs to consume in large quantities include pecans, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and macadamia.

Can pistachio kill a dog?

Can my dog have pistachio
Can Dogs Have Pistachios

Though pistachios are not precisely toxic to dogs, some chemicals present in them can bring trouble to the digestive tract of your dog. To remain on the safe side, one must avoid feeding pistachios to their dogs.

However, pistachios do not contain harmful chemicals that can bring death to your dog on its consumption. If your dog is strong and sturdy enough, one pistachio would hardly affect it. Consumption of a lot of pistachios can cause pancreatitis.

If things go worse, enzymes released by the pancreas can damage other organs, which might bring a death threat over a period. Thus, a lot of pistachios can be harmful enough for your dog.

What should I do if my dog ate pistachios?

The hardest part of owning a pet is that you cannot keep an eye on it 24*7. This, however, comes with its consequences.

Dogs seem to have serious trouble keeping their paws off when it comes to food. So, a familiar doubt amongst the dog owner is, “What should I do if my dog ate pistachios?

However, if you discover that your dog ate pistachios, you should immediately take stock of the situation.

The few things you need to notice are whether the nuts were old enough and shelled. You also should take into account the number of nuts they gulped down and compare it to the size and strength of your dog to see if it can beat it.

It is barely harmful if your dog is big enough and has only eaten a few unshelled nuts. However, if it has consumed many pistachios, you must watch him for signs of mycotoxin poisoning. If your dog is little enough to beat the effect of even a few pistachios, you should watch it for bowel obstruction.

Symptoms to Watch For dog ate pistachio:

Since dogs can not digest pistachios that quickly, they would show specific symptoms if they have consumed a lot of it. Some of such symptoms are as follows:

  • An upset stomach or diarrhea
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Agitation and other issues similar to it
  • Tremors
  • Dehydration and loss of appetite
  • Greasy bowels
  • Anorexia
  • Pancreatitis
  • Noticeable weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Liver failure
  • Jaundice
  • Orange-colored urine

Can dogs have pistachio ice cream?

Can Dogs Have Pistachios
can my dog eat pistachio icecream

One should keep milk and other dairy products away from their dog’s diet. These products can cause diarrhea and other digestive issues. Pistachio ice cream even increases the threat that some other ice cream would pose.

However, the most severe threat that a pistachio ice cream pose is its high content of “xylitol,” which is a sugar alcohol that acts as an artificial sweetener. It is highly harmful to dogs. So, it would be safe for dogs not to have pistachio ice cream.

Can dogs have pistachios puddings?

Pistachio puddings have high sugar content, in addition to the general threats of pistachios. So, it is suggested that dogs should not have pistachio puddings.

Are dogs allergic to pistachio ice cream?

Some dairy products tend to trigger food allergies in dogs. If consumed in high numbers, Pistachios cause a lot of trouble in the digestive tract of dogs.

It can even trigger food allergies, which will cause your dog to itch. So, it can be concluded that some dogs show an allergic response to pistachio ice cream.

Can dogs have pistachio butter?

Pistachio butter is not healthy enough for your dog. It can cause an upset stomach that might even lead to further consequences. In consideration of the fact that some nut butter has high xylitol content, pistachio butter is a no for your dog.

Can dogs have pistachios macarons?

Pistachio macarons have a high sugar content that is not suitable for your dog’s diet. So, it would be better if your dog stays away from consuming them.

Are pistachio shells digestible?

Pistachio shells are not likely to be easy to digest. These shells fail to break into pieces inside the digestive systems of the dogs. If a dog consumes pistachios along with shells, it might cause discomfort in them, which might even lead to blockage.

What nuts are toxic to dogs
Can Dogs Have Pistachios

Is it OK to eat pistachios every day?

Pistachios are nutritious enough to be an important part of the regular human diet. On the other hand, daily consumption of pistachios tends to pose severe threats to dogs. The high-fat content in pistachios is considered quite harmful for dogs. So, it is highly recommended not to include pistachios in the daily diet of your dog.


Pistachios are recommended not to be a part of the daily nutrition of your dog. When consumed in extensive quantities, it can pose serious threats. It can lead to gastrointestinal distress, obesity, and pancreatitis, which might further turn worse. Since the canine system of dogs cannot churn nuts, it becomes indigestible to them.

However, it is seen that one pistachio after removal of its shells would not hurt your dog if it is consumed once in a while. One should also make sure that the pistachio is not salted. So, it can be concluded that one pistachio does not pose a serious threat to dogs, provided you keep a few points in mind.

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