My Dog Has Bloody Diarrhea But Acting Normal, Why?

We understand that it is surprising and scary when your dog has bloody diarrhea but acts normal. It is obvious for any dog parent to get worried in such situations. Even though it might be worrisome when our dogs have loose stool, diarrhea, or worse bloody diarrhea, it is not very uncommon. Diarrhea in dogs can be a result of many reasons.

Diarrhea is a product of the faster-than-normal movement of digested food and other fecal components, via the dog’s intestinal tract. It can be a symptom of several common conditions or diseases. Diarrhea is not a disease, rather it is a symptom of some disease or other serious problems. Here we will look for every 

If My Dog Has Diarrhea But Is Acting Fine, Should I Be Worried?

Most owners have the thought that their dog has diarrhea but is acting completely normal, and do not take it seriously. But diarrhea can be a symptom of something very serious and might be causing extreme discomfort to your dog.

However, if this lasts for a long time your dog must have gotten accustomed to diarrhea, and doesn’t bother them much. But you should take care of the dog and take them to the vet.

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Blood In My Dog’s Diarrhea?

My Dog Has Bloody Diarrhea But Acting Normal

If your dog has bloody diarrhea but acting normal, you have all the reasons to get worried. It is not an everyday sight. However, you must understand that it does not always hint at a very serious problem, it can be a sudden development and will get resolved.

Although there are a few causes as to why your dog’s stool may have blood in it. Let us go through what can be the major causes of it-

1. Parasites 

Intestinal parasites can cause diarrhea in dogs and even lead to bleeding with stool.

2. Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers can cause intestinal bleeding and diarrhea in dogs.

3. Severe Vomiting 

If your dog vomits way too much then it might lead to diarrhea and even bleeding at times. Although these are just symptoms, the underlying disease is something else.

4. Viral Or Bacterial Infection

Viral or bacterial infection in your dog’s stomach can also result in bloody diarrhea. 

5. Trauma To The Gastrointestinal Tract (GI Tract)

A sudden injury to the GI tract of the dog can also result in bloody diarrhea.

6. Foreign Body Ingestion

If any foreign body enters the stomach or intestines of the dog it can lead to stomach upset and bloody diarrhea.

7. Dietary Changes

Sudden dietary changes can cause your dog’s stomach to get upset. And it can even cause diarrhea and which can result in bloody stool.

8. Stomach Or Esophagus

Tumors in your dog’s intestines or food pipe can also cause many problems indigestion and even lead to bloody diarrhea. In certain cases, you need to be careful and consult the vet at the earliest.

9. Poisoning Or Allergies From Plants

Toxic poisons from plants when reaching your dog’s stomach might upset it and even cause bloody diarrhea. 

10. Autoimmune Diseases

Certain diseases like inflammatory bowel are an immune disorder and are responsible for causing bouts and bloody diarrhea in dogs. These are difficult to treat.

When Should I Exercise My Dog When He Has Diarrhea?

It is highly suggested that you should not exercise your dog when he or she has diarrhea. It is ideal to not engage in any strenuous activities and take an adequate amount of rest to recover his or her gut health. It is also suggested that you make them drink lots of water and other saline solutions so that it helps them recover from extreme dehydration.

When Can Dog Diarrhea Lead To Emergency Care?

If your dog has just a single episode of diarrhea and is acting perfectly normal, you don’t need to be worried. Maintain a track of your dog’s bowel movements to follow if things clear up. 

When your dog has bloody diarrhea but acts normal for more than 2 episodes, then it can become concerning. If your dog’s diarrhea lasts for more than 2 days, you must consult your vet. A range of other complications and symptoms may soon develop and you must take note of them.

Dehydration is something that gets very quickly associated with diarrhea. Loss of fluids and water can be extremely harmful to your dog. In such situations, it is suggested that you provide your dog with ample fluids so that the loss of water is met.

There Is Bright Red Blood In The Dog Stool But Acting Normal, Is This Normal?

You don’t have to worry when you find blood in dog stool but act normal. The reason why your dog is pooping blood with stool but is acting absolutely fine can be cut in its colon or large intestine.

However, in case of an excessive level of blood in your dog’s stool, there is definitely something to worry about and you should immediately consult the vet. This can be more than just simple diarrhea and is probably a serious health condition that requires medical attention.

At times your dog might have a loose stool with tiny bits of blood in it. That is not something to worry about. However, diarrhea is something when your dog poops continuously, and when it is accompanied by blood, it can be dangerous for the dog’s health.

Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea At Night?

The major reason why your dog might suffer from nocturnal diarrhea is primarily because of stress. There can be a number of reasons for it. It can be mental stress or even a sudden change in diet. Some other reasons for nocturnal diarrhea in dogs are parasitic infection, foreign body intrusion, and even food allergies. 

Is Your Dog Suffering From Chronic Or Acute Diarrhea?

It is very important to understand whether your dog is suffering from chronic diarrhea or an accurate one. In the case of chronic diarrhea, your dog gets so accustomed to it that it doesn’t make it act or behave differently in any way. However, acute diarrhea has specific symptoms.

Let’s look at how we can differentiate between the two. Acute diarrhea happens suddenly without any prior warning. The prime reason for it to happen is some disturbance in the dog’s gut. Acute diarrhea is common and will resolve on its own within 2-3 days if treated properly.

Chronic diarrhea is a symptom of some underlying medical conditions. In order to cure it, you need to cure that underlying disease first. Only then diarrhea will be cured. Consult your vet for a proper diagnosis in such a case.

Home Remedies For Dehydration In Dogs

My Dog Has Bloody Diarrhea But Acting Normal

You can try a few home remedies for your dog when it is suffering from diarrhea. Let us look at what those are-

1. Fasting

If they are having extreme dehydration give them a 12-24 hour fasting with ample fluids to drink.

2. Infrequent Meals

After the fasting is over provide your dog with irregular meals with long gaps. It will help its stomach to rest properly.

3. Bland food

Provide your dog with simple and non-spicy food during this time. Preferably boiled white rice and boneless chicken.

4. Fibrous diet

A fibrous diet is the ideal food for your dog during this time. You should include pumpkins and other rich fiber items in your dog’s diet.

5. Hydration

Keeping your dog hydrated is the best choice at this point in time. Dehydration causes loss of water and at this time electrolyte solution will help your dog a lot in staying hydrated. 

6. Dewormers

If your dog has intestinal worms, it might upset its gut as a result might even cause diarrhea. You might use a vet-suggested dewormer at home. As soon as the parasites are gone, diarrhea and stomach upset are expected to be cured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is My Dog Pooping Blood But Still Acting Normal?
Ans: If your dog is pooping blood along with stool then it might be a case of acute diarrhea. You must consult a vet, although with proper medications it will be cured within 2-3 days. However, if it is a chronic condition of diarrhea it might last longer.

Q2. When Should I Worry About Bloody Diarrhea In My Dog?
Ans: If bloody diarrhea in your dog doesn’t stop within 2-3 days it is an alarming situation. It is highly suggested that you immediately consult the vet and seek suggestions.

In case the bleeding is heavy and serious you also need to be admitted to a hospital/clinic. In case your dog has no other symptoms but just bloody diarrhea probably something has entered your dog’s stomach and is causing diarrhea. Ensure your dog is safe by promptly taking it to the vet.

Q3. What Can I Give My Dog For Bloody Diarrhea?
Ans: In case of bloody diarrhea, you can try and give the following things to your dog with proper suggestions from the vet-

  • Electrolyte and saline water for hemorrhagic gastroenteritis
  • Medications to soothe intestines.
  • Antibiotic therapy for certain types of infections.
  • Anthelmintics for certain parasitic infections 
  • Corticosteroid therapy for cases hypovolemic shock 

Q4. How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Recover From Bloody Diarrhea?
Ans: Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds Or Not? Diarrhea is a very common occurrence in dogs. However, it requires proper treatment and diagnosis to understand what is the underlying problem. It usually takes 2-3 days for acute diarrhea to resolve, however, chronic diarrhea doesn’t have a fixed time limit to recover. It requires consistent treatment to cure. 

To Wrap Up

Diarrhea in dogs is a common occurrence, however, when your dog has bloody diarrhea but acts normal it can be a little alarming. It is suggested that you immediately report its conditions and symptoms to the vet and get some professional suggestions.

Although in most cases with proper diagnosis, diarrhea can be resolved with proper medicines and treatment. In our article, we have tried to provide a compact guide to bloody diarrhea in dogs.

We have discussed all possible causes, symptoms, and solutions to the dog’s bloody diarrhea with you. Hope we have been able to help you with proper responses.

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