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The two completely different form of medication, for the same expected result. The real competition is who works more effectively in curing fleas and ticks; Bravecto or Frontline. I have tried both the medicines on my own pets. Here I am giving you a related article to consider which one you do prefer.


Bravecto is a chewable, oral medication for your pets (for dogs only), suffering from fleas and ticks. There is also a topical solution for the cats. One dose of Bravecto works for 12 weeks to fight against the parasite on the animal’s body. In the other hand, Frontline is a spot-on solution to apply to your pet’s flea, and tick affected the skin. Frontline is a monthly medication, and unlike Bravecto it is must to apply Frontline every month on your pet’s skin.


Bravecto has chewable and oral medication for dogs. There is decidedly less or almost no side effects if your dog is ingested with Bravecto. Frontline is a spot on solution. The research has said that the oral medication of Bravecto has much more efficacy then Frontline topical solution. Also, Bravecto is more efficient while keeping your dog safe for 3 months after the very first dosage.


Here the competition will be a little different. Both of the medicine is in the form of a spot-on solution. Now the comparison is like, Frontline is waterproof whereas Bravecto is not. The safety of Bravecto for pregnant and nursing cats has not been established yet. Bravecto is just appropriate if your cat is more an indoor pet and not an outdoor one. Plus it will give you overall protection for 3months. Which will save a lot of money of the emergency room for sure


Though both the medications use neurotoxins, they have different types of efficacy. The key differences can be in many other points, but here I will discuss some of the most critical points. Method of delivery, flavor, price, and ingredients are the factors I have chosen to talk about.

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Frontline Vs. Bravecto:

Method of Delivery:

Bravecto is available in two forms; one in oral and the other in a spot on solution. The oral medication is a chewable and easy to digest tablet. Which can be given to your dog directly or missing with food.

Frontline comes in only one form, and that is a topical solution. The chewable Bravecto and Frontline both are waterproof and works well. But the Bravecto topical solution is not that water resistant as Frontline is.

Both the medicines start working on fleas and ticks within some hours. Bravecto prevents your pets for three months, whereas Frontline is to be applied every month on your pet’s skin. Bravecto is good for the cats who don’t go out very frequently. Both of the medicines help to kill the parasite from its roots and stop them from spreading any other diseases.


As Frontline is not eatable and is a topical solution only, it does not have any taste. The Bravecto topical solution also doesn’t have any flavor. The chewable form Bravecto has a pork flavor, and it is delicious for your furry chap.


The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner. Fluralaner is a pesticide and is approved by the Food and Drug Association of the USA. It starts working within a few hours of application. It not only help your pets to fight against fleas and ticks but also breaks the flea cycle.

Fipronil is the active ingredient of Frontline. It works on breaking the breeding cycle of the parasite. It is able to kill both, eggs and larva and fights until they are completely gone. You can notice the effect of the component within 12 hours of application. It requires to apply Fipronil monthly to maintain the efficacy of the medicine.

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If I now compare the cost of both the medicines, Bravecto is $20 more expensive than Frontline. But the overall efficiency of Bravecto and the protection of 12 weeks make it more valuable.

Once applied your pets will be safe for the next 3 months, whereas Frontline is to be used every month. Plus Bravecto has an extra effect in preventing the fleas from returning, over Frontline.


After the comparative study, I prefer Bravecto with all my heart and soul. Bravecto is easy to apply, fast and very useful. The 3 months protection is an extra benefit and therefore the chances of missing the medication afterward in negligible.

You don’t have to stop petting tour dogs and cats while applied with the medicine. Also, the drug is entirely safe when touched by children. Also, Bravecto is completely safe even if your dog is pregnant. Overall Bravecto is a better choice over Frontline.

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