The hard truth about heartworms

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Unlike dengue in humans, heartworms are parasites that are transmitted by mosquitoes in cats and dogs. That can be so deadly that you cannot let it go. All the pet lovers must be aware of the deadly parasite heartworm.

 They are that deadly that can cause heart failure and lung disease in your pets. Once they get transferred to the blood through mosquito bites, they start to get mature in the veins and blood vessels. They are parasites and eats on the host body. 

Gradually they grow up and become mature enough to harm your pet potentially causing even death if left untreated. To spread awareness around, April is chosen as a month of heartworm awareness. All you need to know the symptoms and the beginning of infestation that is as important as your pet is important for you.

Heartworms prevention for cats 

Heartworm infected cats since having the same chances of heart failures and lung damage as those of dogs. But the rate of an infestation is quite lower than those of dogs. But it is also considered that they react more to the heartworm and show symptoms early. 

The most common symptoms can be noticed in cats are coughing and vomiting frequently. All you can do is follow some preventive measures. Go for the monthly heartworm medication. This will let your cat not to be infested through any larvae. Also, take annual checkups for your cats. 

Always remember prevention is not a hundred percent solution but at least tends to reduce the chances of infestation. So if you go for a monthly checkup and in case the disease detected, then nothing to worry. You can give a proper diagnosis to your cat.

heartworms symptoms for dogs

Initially, it is difficult for you to understand the symptoms of infected dogs. Because it takes time to show symptoms initially. Heartworms are directly transmitted to the blood through mosquito bites. 

Worm’s larvae are carried by mosquitoes from infected animals. These larvae are parasites and grow very slowly. Initially, they are small and do no harm at all but as they grow their increasing size starts troubling the dog. 

Due to the increasing size of heartworm, alterations in blood flow can be found. But these alterations can be seen physically in dogs. Like they get trouble in breathing, get more lethargic sometimes vomiting can be noticed. 

These symptoms in infected dogs if taken lightly then your dog must be in trouble and so are you. And when the symptoms are noticed even then the diagnosis is not easy. The doctor starts the diagnosis with a blood test to ensure the worms and size of worms. 

A blood test is followed by a chest x-ray and Ultrasound of the heart. This disease is considered a deadly disease so it requires proper diagnosis. And the diagnosis starts with the above three tests so as to ensure the presence of parasites and the other details.

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Heartworm prevention in dogs

Take your dog once a month for the heartworm medication to the doctor. American heartworm society’s suggestions are to take proper medication each month. This would act as an anti heartworm treatment if your pet gets infested by chance. 

Also, take your dog annually to check for the presence of any fleas and ticks. And if your pet is found to be infested or any symptoms match the disease then go for a proper diagnosis. Although it is suggestive to take prevention rather than post medication.

How heartworm transmitted in dogs and cats

How heartworm transmitted in dogs and cats
How heartworm transmitted in dogs and cats

 Heartworm is a parasite and found almost everywhere. They find the gulf of the Atlantic and Gulf’s cost to be most suitable for the grow. From the Gulf of Mexico to New Jersey and along the river Mississippi, these parasites find the most suitable environmental conditions to grow. 

They can grow from small larvae to adults and can be measured as long as 14 inches. Since they are transmitted blood vessels so think what if they grow to adults. It is obvious to block either the blood vessels or if travel to the lungs, cause lung disease. 

If causes blockage then it can cause heart failure. They took 6 months from the bite to grow adult. And the most dangerous is when both male and female heartworm transmitted. They reproduce and leading to increasing their number starts troubling your pet. The average year of survival of heartworm is 7 years.

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Natural and home remedy for heartworms prevention

Taking conventional medication prevention has two sides. On one side it is preventing heartworms and at another side, the doges might be facing trouble to the central nervous systems and other systems too.

Natural and home remedy for heartworms prevention
Natural and home remedy for heartworms prevention

 Sometimes the solution becomes contradictory to the problem when creating the same effect. However, the side effects of drugs vary from dog to dog. The drug name fairly toxic is used to prevent heartworm.

 But it has many disadvantages that can be so deadly as heartworm. So it is advisable to take the following natural preventive measures as complementary and not alternately.

You can buy the product from a shop that has the following composition.

  • Black seed
  • Hops flowers
  • Apricot kernel extract
  • Hawthorn berries
  • Garlic
  • Sheep sorrel
  • Grapefruit seed extract

 Is heartworm medication really necessary?

It is as important as Aids Infested human beings. But there is a huge difference in both the disease. However, Aids has no cure yet but has preventive measures. 

As the disease in human eats up the immunity and make a healthy person hollow from inside, the same happens in dogs (heartworm infested). As mentioned above how it transmitted and which organs it affects more, no hesitation to consider an as deadly disease. 

And once a disease becomes life-threatening how the medication become not necessary?  The disease has a direct connection with heart and lung functionality. Why the treatment is not necessary and compulsory?  

So the pet lovers have to need to be more aware of the diseases their pets are prone to, and corresponding prevention and post medication. Do not

ignore the symptoms your pets show. Take it seriously and an immediate and sincere reaction can save your pet’s life.

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 Heartworm is a parasite transmitted through mosquito bites directly into the bloodstream from infected dogs and cats. These parasites take six months to grow adult and can cause lung and heart failure. 

Thus considered as a potentially deadly disease in cats and dogs. There are some associated preventive measures and diagnoses mentioned in the article. 

This article also includes the pros and cons of a conventional prevention mediation. And along with complimentary to the prevention.

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