How To Give A Dog Liquid Medicine

You can hide medicine in their food. Besides, you may use a spoon to feed liquid medicine and give the medicine in your dog’s mouth. Additionally, if necessary, use a syringe.

If you feed medicine to a dog, you can find them behaving differently. Usually, dogs can fight you and don’t take it. But the medicine for them is essential to manage a chronic condition.

Although the process is hard, you need to give medicine to your dog to heal and make them feel better. In this case, you can face that Administering medicine is a bit challenging.

But, it can provide an improved experience for your dog.

How To Trick Your Dog Into Taking Liquid Medicine

In most cases, dogs take liquid medicine safely without creating any issues. But sometimes, your dog can face a challenging time. For example, dogs can split out medicine and resist future doses.

In addition, if you’re willing, you can try a unique way to trick the dog into taking liquid medicine. Go through the steps to know how to give a dog liquid medicine by tricking.

  • You should hide medicine while feeding in the foods. In this case, you need to select a food coming with a strong flavor and smell. Ensure that you should choose such food that your dog enjoys.
  • If you’re willing, use liquid medicine in peanut butter. But you may need to do something else when your dog has dietary restrictions, or they take any specific food only with which you can give them medicine.
  • If the medicine has a strong odor that you can’t disguise, ensure that you should go with another process. You should also check twice to ensure that your dog has taken medicine with food.
  • You can use a small spoon rather than using a syringe. In this case, your dog will find it less threatening to bring into the mouth. A second person can handle the dog, in this case, to keep calm while focusing on administering the medication.
  • If you have stored the medicine in the fridge, you should hold the syringe in your hand for a while to warm up it. You must not put medicine in the microwave. After completing the task, you can offer your dog a treat if the dose suits it.
  • As liquid medication is not a mere option, you must consider compounding. The medicine taste may be very bad, or your dog may be unable to swallow the liquid.
  • A compounding pharmacy like Strive Pharmacy is lucrative in this case. It can help to adjust the flavors of your medication. If necessary, you can offer it as a powder or pill instead.

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How To Give Liquid Medicine To A Dog Safely

We have given here the best way to let you know how to give a dog liquid medicine. You should go through these steps to administer the medication safely.

  • First, your task is to go through the label to know the proper dosage of liquid medication for your dog. Ensure you know when, how much, and how frequently you should give.
    If you administer medicine properly, it can help your dog to get better. Go through the instructions to store and handle the medication.
  • Now, pull your dog’s lip slowly away from the teeth to make a pocket between the teeth and cheek. It is when you can administer the medication. Try to not put the syringe directly in the dog’s mouth. Otherwise, your dog can choke or aspirate.
  • Next, you should use your syringe with the proper dosage. After that, you should keep it inside your pocket, behind a canine tooth.
  • Insert it across the tooth line and toward the throat. It helps the medicine to hit the tongue’s back part.
  • If necessary, you should try to squeeze it gently to dispense the liquid. When you do it gently, it gives your dog time to swallow and breathe.
  • After that, you should hold the mouth of your dog closed. Then, you need to blow on the nose and stroke the throat to encourage swallowing. Ensure that you must not tilt the head back because it can cause them to choke.
  • Dogs can spit up a few liquids, but ensure that you should not offer them any more medicine to avoid an overdose.


1. How can I get my dog to take his liquid medicine?

Using a treat designed mainly to feed medicine is the simplest way to offer liquid medicine to your dog. You can mix it with some canned food. If you are willing to ensure that your dog has swallowed the medication, you should feed the medicated food or treat it with your hand. Don’t mix it into a large portion your dog can not completely consume.

2. How do you give a dog liquid medicine orally?

First, your job is to keep the liquid-filled syringe in your dog’s mouth’s side part, near the lower teeth. Now, you should gently squirt a small amount into the mouth, and it helps to pause between squirts to enable the dog to swallow the medication without gagging or choking. You must praise your dog for making a happy voice. If possible, try to offer a treat.

3. How do I give my dog a liquid syringe?

Your first job is to hold the dog’s head with one hand. After that, put the tip of the dropper or syringe into a corner of the mouth between teeth and cheek. Hence, you should aim toward the dog’s head. Make sure that you must not tilt the dog’s head back as it can cause your dog to inhale the medicine. You need to squeeze the syringe or dropper whatever you use to empty it.

4. How do you give medicine to a dog that refuses?

You can try these options when your dog refuses to take pills.

  • Use the vet technique
  • Ask for a nice-tasting tablet.
  • Hide the pill in a dog pill pocket treat.
  • Hide the pill in food.
  • Use a pill pusher.

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