Is It Safe For The Dogs To Have Nuts? – A Guide For Pet Parents

Can Dogs Eat Nuts?

You are a pet parent. As a pet parent, it becomes your intrinsic behaviour to share what you are eating with your pet. Having a dog is really not an exception to this aspect of sharing your food with him or her. But as a pet parent, you must keep some things in your mind. Why do dogs love cashews? Can dogs have nuts? Have you come up with these questions? Let us explore this aspect of canine friends.

Firstly, the human digestive system and its capacity to digest is not the same as that of a dog. So, food, that is indeed safe for a human being, might not come with the same safety when given to the dogs. They might be subject to digestive problems and other issues. In this regard, let us find out more about can dog eat nuts?

Can Dogs Eat Pistachios?

Can dogs have nuts

We know that pistachios are your favorite, and you tend to share all your favorite things with your furry friend. But have you ever thought that can dog eat pistachios? We know that you have definitely thought that at some point or the other while sharing treats with your dog.

Can dogs eat pistachios nuts? To give you an answer, it is no. Pistachios with or with their shell can become harmful for the dogs. It can cause them severe choking hazards. This is due to the size and shape of the pistachios. So try to avoid giving your furry friend a treat of pistachios.

Can Dogs Eat Cashews?

Having some sort of nuts is safe for dogs, whereas some sort of nuts is really harmful to them. Now we can take the instance of cashew nuts. Can dogs eat cashews? Let us find more about it in the upcoming paragraph.

For dogs who are healthy, the treat of one or two cashews might not result in any sort of harm for your furry friend. But those cashews must be roasted or baked in the proper way because when they are raw, they do contain a dangerous toxin which is in a kind similar to the poison that is found in Poison Ivy.

Cashews have a high content of potassium, and they are prone to cause urinary problems and health issues in those dogs who are prone to urinary disorders. Cashew is a good source of protein, and they contain several fats and calories.

It is also to be noted that cashews are large nuts. It can result in choking hazards. This can also happen in the case of breeds of dogs that are large. Cashews can also lead to intestinal blockage in the case of dogs. So, to answer your question, can dogs eat cashew nuts? We would recommend a big NO.

Can Dogs Eat Almonds And Cashews?

Can dogs have nuts

Let us now explore the world of almonds and cashews for your furry friend. Is it safe for them to have almond and cashews? Can dogs eat almonds and cashews? This question that has arisen in your mind is very pertaining, so let us find out more aspects of the dogs.


Almonds are not toxic to your dogs. So your dogs can have almonds as a treat. The only problem with almonds is that the capacity of the dogs to digest almonds is very poor. If your furry friend is experiencing some gastric intestinal disorder, then it would be better for you to avoid almonds for your dog.

You must keep the factor in your mind that you should never have given caramelized, chocolate-coated, salted, sugar-coated almonds to your furry friend. The almonds because of their hard covering are difficult to chew and swallow, and it would be problematic if it happens to your furry friend. For the part, on cashews, you might have a look at the heading that is being situated prior to this one.

Can Small Dogs Eat Cashews?

It is very difficult to answer this question. If you question us can be small dogs eat cashews? We would be coming up with an ambiguous answer. It is safe for dogs to eat cashews but in the case of you are having small dogs, it becomes a bit risky.

It is not safe for small dogs to have cashews as their treat. This is because cashews are hard, and it becomes really difficult for your dog to swallow the treat of a handful of cashews. The small dogs would also face difficulty digesting the cashews. So if you try giving cashews to your dog who is small, you might be facing these problems as they are not in possession of a very good digestive system.

Which Nuts Are Toxic To Dogs?

Some nuts are good for your dogs, whereas the other nuts are harmful to your dog. It would definitely become a tiresome task for you to conduct the segregation of the series of nuts that are ideal and which are unfit for your dogs.

Some nuts are very toxic to dogs. You might now question is Which nuts are toxic to dogs? We definitely have an answer to your question, which is indeed very interesting. Here we would be presenting to you a list of nuts that are unfit and very toxic for the dogs.

  • Hazelnuts are not the right treatment for your furry friend
  • Cashews are not the perfect choice for your pet dog
  • Almonds are not the appropriate food for your furry friend
  • Walnuts are not ideal for dogs to have as a treat
  • Pistachios are not the perfect choice for your dog
  • Pecans are not really safe for your dog to have as a form of treat
  • Macademia nuts are not the appropriate choice for your dogs to have.
  • Pine nuts are not perfect for your furry friend to have as a form of treat
  • Brazil nuts must not be on the list to have for your beloved furry friend, that is, for your pet dog.

What Kinds Of Nuts Can Dogs Eat?

Can dogs have nutsAs we have already mentioned in the earlier section of the passage that some nuts can be consumed by the dogs, and it is said to be safe for them. But it would serve as a heavy load for you in the collection of information from different sources of the web world about What kinds of nuts can dogs eat? So we have made a list for you in this regard. You can have a look at it in the bullet points that are given in the following paragraph.

  • Cashew is a safe option for the dogs to have as a form of treat
  • Peanuts are a safe option for your dogs to have as a treat

What Happens If A Dog Eats Pistachios?

Let us make something very clear to you. Pistachios are not toxic for dogs. But because of the reason that pistachios have a very high level of fat content, then it is not ideal for your dogs to have. So, ideally speaking, it is not the perfect choice for your dogs to eat pistachios. This was our kind of answer to your question, which stated What happens if a dog eats pistachios?

Will One Pistachio Hurt My Dog?

The answer to this question is that you never know when the misfortunes tend to happen. We know that you are in love with your furry friend more than your own self and soul. He or she is the biggest source of joy in your life.

So, to protect your furry friend from all the dangers, you must be instrumental in taking proper preventive measures. If you act in a nonchalant or careless manner about the well-being of your dog, then your dog would be the one who is prone to suffer in that case.

Pistachios are very difficult to swallow for the dog. It is a reason for your dog’s throat getting choked. So pistachios are not the right thing to give your furry friend in a sort of treat. We do hope that this answers your question that will one pistachio hurt my dog?

So to avoid all kinds of mis-happening, the only thing you can do is avoid giving your dog any sort of treat that includes a handful of pistachios. With this, as a preventive measure, you are all protected against any sort of mis-happening that can have in respect of your dog having pistachios.

Can dogs have nuts

How Many Cashews Can A Dog Eat?

To answer this question of yours, we must experience a quick recapitulation about the rule that has been prevalent around dogs for a long time around the entire world. So, the rule is, if you are following the 10 percent measure of treats of the total diet of the dog, then if the dog is of the weight of 20 pounds, then your furry friend can have three to four cashews per day.


So, to conclude, if your dog is nuts about the nuts, then all you can do is first check your dog’s weight and then find out which number of cashews would be appropriate for your dog. Then you can have a look at the types of nuts that are suitable for your dog, and voilà! You can give your dog a few tasty treats of nuts.

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