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If you have ever been to a medical store with a prescription to buy medicines, you already know about the process. Most of the medical store will ask you to fill up a prescription form. When you or any of your family members get sick, your doctor diagnoses and give you a prescription. There are many medicines which are available at the counter, and you don’t need to feel a form for it. But the question arises, do you need a prescription for Bravecto?


Before knowing either you can buy Bravecto without a vet prescription, you must understand why you do need it. Bravecto is a new and effective medication for cats and dogs suffering from fleas and ticks. If you have pets for a more extended period now, you must know what fleas and ticks are. But if you haven’t faced the problem yet with your pet, then I will tell you. Fleas and ticks are wingless insects harm the warm-blooded mammals, especially dogs and cats. The insect survives on the host’s blood. These insects have a very sharp mouth which helps them to suck the blood from its host’s body.


These blood-sucking parasites appear in black and brown in color. They are very tiny in size, and they can quickly jump from one animal to another. From the sides, their bodies are flattened and the spikes in their mouth, back and legs help them to stick firmly on the animal body. These insects cause discomfort to your pet’s body. Here are a few symptoms you can notice to understand that your pet is getting affected by fleas and ticks.


Abnormal Itching: The fleas bite the skin of your pet. They suck blood from every part of your pet’s body. Once the fleas reach to your pet’s body, it may be anywhere on its skin including the tail, head, armpit, neck, etc. When the insects start biting your pet’s skin, they start licking and itching their own body vigorously. If you can notice any such symptom don’t waste your time thinking if you do you need a prescription for Bravecto for dogs. You start using Bravecto from right then. Bravecto is safe and doesn’t have any massive side effect.

Losing Hair: While licking and scratching their body, your pets can have their body hair along. Thus their hair starts losing from their body. Though there are many other problems when your pets can lose hair. But if you doubt it to be a flea attack, you can get Bravecto without vet prescription to help your pet the earliest.

Unusual Patches: The saliva of the insects while biting can be there on your pet’s skin. The saliva can be allergic to some of your cats and dogs too. The hypersensitivity of your pet’s coat can have allergic reactions to any part of their body. The allergy doesn’t stay exclusively to the area where bitten. It can spread anywhere and can leave unusual patches on your cat’s skin. If you find any such spots hurry up and grab Bravecto. Don’t give a second thought or do you need a prescription for Bravecto  topical for cats.


Small Bumps: Though it looks like a more prominent rash on your pet’s body if you find any bump on the skin doesn’t ignore it. The first sign of a tick’s bite is a small bump on the pet body. If you can feel any such bum while touching your pet, it is probably getting affected by ticks. You can get Bravecto without vet prescription right away.

High body temperature: If there is changing body temperature in your pet’s body beware. It can be the insect tick which has bitten your pet’s skin. The very symptoms of tick effects are mild or high fever along with weakness, losing appetite, shivering, panting and even feeling lethargic. The heat can last for only one day to a week. Get Bravecto without vet prescription from your nearby drugstore.


Along with many other topical solutions for fleas and ticks, Bravecto topical is also purchasable without vet prescription. But while buying the oral medicine of Bravecto, you might need to have a valid veterinary order. The oral pills, which are chewable and are available for dogs only, are very active. The oral pills work faster than the spot-on solution.

If you leave these fleas and ticks untreated at the right time, it may cause some harsh life taking a disease like a seizure, plague, etc. Some of these fleas and ticks can reach the stomach of your pet. Your pet can also get infected by tapeworms. Thus it is essential to treat these insects from the root. It can prevent any further problems with your pets. To handle this flea bites in your dogs, you can get Bravecto without vet prescription UK also. 

  1. Brave to kills our animals and makes the Rich Richer. If ticks kill once they bite you and the tick has to bite before these products kill the tick the animal will still be infected and die therefore brave to and all the rest are a scam and not effective in preventing death- caused by the position in Bravecto and or the tick bite. See Facebook Bravecto is killing our pets. It’s a fact. God will want an accounting for these Merck lovers of money who make this death trap.

  2. I monitor the insect species in my garden, Is Bravecto going to damage them, or nestlings whose parents collect dog hair for nests, via shed hair for my sheepdogs? (If I manage the faecal disposal).

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