Can Dogs Eat Corn Cobs?Know What Happens When Your Dog Eats A Corn Cob

At many instances, you might have thought about finding answer to your question which says can dogs eat corn cobs? This is the question that have been popping in your mind for years. Do not worry any more. We would provide you with proper guidance in this aspect.

According to the opinion of notable veterinary nutritionist, it is ideal for dog to eat corn but in moderate amount. Corn is one of the famous and cheap grains that is found in the entire world. In fact, various dog foods also contain corn. But there are some valuable things that you must keep in your mind while you are giving your dog a treat of corn. So, come let us explore this together.

Isn’t Corn A Perfect Choice For Your Dog?

The nutritionists who have been specialised in the matter of animals, prefer dogs to avoid having corn. But why is corn cob bad for dogs?

  • Corn, that are consumed by dogs is a highly refined product.
  • Corn is not easily digestible for the dogs.
  • Processed corn is a high glycaemic ingredient.
  • Corn is less nutritious as compared to quinoa, peas and spinach.

can dogs eat corn cobs

Perils Of Your Dog Eating Corn Cobs

Have you ever wondered that can dogs eat corn cobs? In ideal situation dogs are not supposed to eat corn cobs. But why it is so? Let us see the dangers behind it. You can red the following bullet points to know more about it.

  • Dogs have the risk of choking on the corn cob.
  • The corn cobs can result is a serious intestinal blockage for the dogs.
  • The dogs might vomit, strain during defecation, whimper and be restless if the intestinal blockage takes place.
  • The dogs can even experience loss of appetite and stomach pain.

Time Taken By The Dog To Pass A Corn Cob

How does long it take for a dog to pass a corn cob? After a time period of six to twenty-four hours, the corn cob starts to irritate and damage the gut. Your dog might show the signs of throat irritation on the way down. This is when the corn cob can possibly be harmful for your dog. If the specified time period is passed, then it is assumed that your dog has passed a corn cob in a very safe manner.

So, to answer your question, can a cob corn kill a dog? We must say that it might kill your dog. This happens when your dog is unable to pass the corn and he is experience irritation on his throat. This can lead to blockage of the gut and as a result of which he or she would possess a threat to life.

Tortilla: Is It Perfect For Your Dog?

You might possess a question in your mind which says can dogs eat corn tortillas? The answer to your question would be corn tortillas would not harm your dog. But if your dog has any sort of allergy to corn, then it might not be the perfect thing for your dog. In fact, corn tortillas do have minimum nutritional value so it is not the right and nutritious food for your dog to have.

Manage The Damaged

can dogs eat corn cobs

Seeing the subhead, you might have thoughts about what should I do if my dog eat corn cob? You are in a stressful situation and you need to come out of it. Here are some of the tips that would help you to manage the situation.

  • Relax, you can sort this out. Breathe and start working with a calm mind.
  • Contact your veterinary doctor as early as possible.
  • If the veterinary doctor is unavailable try to contact and reach the emergency section of the veterinary hospital.

Sweet Corn: Can Your Furry Friend, Have It?

Are sweet corns good for dogs? Well, it is a myth that sweet corn is not the ideal thing for dogs. In fact, sweet corns is good for your dog. It is a very option for your dog’s diet. But, remember the sweet corn must be taken off the cob so that it is no longer harmful for your dog.


Lastly, we must say you that it is up to your decision that you would give your dog a treat of corn or not. But before feeding him corn, you must be well aware of the advantages and disadvantages that it poses to your dog’s health. You must also take into consideration the myths that are centred around dogs consuming corn. So this was a handbook to solve your doubt can dogs eat corn cobs?



  1. Can dogs eat corn chips?
  • No, your dog must not consume corn chips.


  1. Can dogs eat kettle corn?
  • No, it is not recommended by experts that your dog eat corn.

can dogs eat corn cobs

  1. Can dogs eat corn husks?
  • Corn husks are not toxic to your dog, but they are not easy to digest. So, it is better for dogs not to consume corn husks.


  1. Can dogs eat corn flakes?
  • If your dog is not allergic to corn then it is fine for him or her to consume corn flakes as a sort of treat.


  1. Can dogs eat corn bread?
  • They can have it in moderation.


  1. Can dogs eat creamed corn?
  • It must be avoided.


  1. Can dogs eat cooked corn cob?
  • Yes, your dog can have cooked corn cob in small amounts.


  1. Can dogs eat raw corn cob?
  • Yes, your dog can have raw corn cob in small amounts.

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