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A comparative study of two neurotoxins on working against fleas and ticks.

Is your pet is tired of itching all day long, even after applying medication for a long time? Then this is the right time to change what you are using now. Fleas and ticks are the most common ectoparasite, which feasts on your pet’s blood. So if your pet is still suffering, you must think about switching the medication soon.

I know most of you, who are depending on other medication for your dogs, to treat fleas and ticks. You are ingesting oral medicines like Simparica. I am using Bravecto for a long time now. SO today I am guiding you to get the right pick for you. Here is my Bravecto vs. Simparica; a comparative study of the two medicines.

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Though both the medicines are effective while working on the irritating parasite, they are not likely to each other. Like any two medicines for the same disease, these two have some comparisons, which helps us to get the right one for our pets. Though veterinary doctors can prescribe any of them, you must know the differences they have in them. There are many chewable available in the market.  They come in different flavors, size and packaging. The most important thing that grabbed my attention towards Bravecto is the “3 months Protection” thing. Bravecto protects the pets for a more extended period than any other medicines does till date. One dose and 12 weeks of protection is something interesting, isn’t it? Now we have to see that if the effectiveness of Simparica can compete Bravecto.


If you are looking to simplify your dog’s medication against fleas and ticks, then Bravecto is the best choice for you. The three months protection will help your dog to fight against the insect only after one dosage. There is a rare chance of missing the cycle of the medication. Thy flea cycle lasts longer. Thus this method is going to work better.

But if you are looking for once in a month medication cycle, then Simparica is what you choose. Both the medicines are of the same class of neurotoxin. They are instrumental in every way. If you want such a drug which can stay in your pet’s system, then Simparica is what you must get for your dogs.

I know it is tough to decide what to pick from both. Let me take a few more factors and discuss. I will let you know some fundamental difference between Bravecto and Simparica. You can choose any of them according to the element that you consider to work for your dog.

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Active Ingredient:

The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner. Fluralaner is a systematic neurotoxin, which works on the neurological system of a parasite. It kills  the life cycle of the fleas and ticks from the root and prevents them from further breeding. It kills the newly borne fleas even before they can lay eggs. It works till 3 months after the ingestion.

Sarolaner is the active ingredient of Simparica. The neurotoxin works effectively on fleas and ticks and also on some other insects. It works for 35 days after the single ingestion.


Bravecto comes in an oral and chewable tablet form. The taste of this medicine is pork, which your dog will not only like, but will crave for it. The study has seen that the dogs who have been ingested with the tablet directly, 91% of them have taken medicine happily.

Simparica comes in a liver-flavored chewable form of medication. Your dog will definitely like the flavor of the medicine if you apply it directly.


The packages of three Simparica tablets and one Bravecto tablet cost almost the same. As you need to apply only one dose of Bravecto in three months, and one dose of Simparica in every month, Bravecto is a bit cheaper than Simparica. The pack of three tablets will give you a total of 3 months of protection, whereas one tablet will last for 3 months as well.


Bravecto and Simparica both are proven to work well, fighting against fleas and ticks. After applying a single dose of Bravecto, it starts working within 2 hours on ticks and within 12 hours on ticks. Whereas after applying SImparica it starts working on fleas within 3 hours and within 8 hours it will start working on insects. If you can see that Bravecto is quite less effective on ticks but works very good on fleas.

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Bravecto is the only medicine for cats as of now. Simparica doesn’t have any medication for cats. Bravecto has a topical solution for cats. The spot-on solution is to apply on the affected area of the cats, and it works in the same way, the chewable medicine does. The drug gets mixed with the body fluid and is carried to the tissues. It kills the fleas and ticks which are relied on the cat’s blood for a living.

Simparica is not safe for cats, and thus Bravecto is the only choice you have.


Even after the comparative study of the two medicines, I still recommend Bravecto. It is easy to apply. You don’t have to count any monthly routine to use the medicine on your dog or cat. Once applied it will work up to 3 months.

You can switch to Simparica on your pet only if you are looking for a monthly medication. The overall effectiveness of Bravecto is outstanding. In your cats also you need to apply Bravecto just once in three months, and it will work the same way the chewable medicine does.


1.    Remember there are a few rules and regulations regarding the age and the weight of your dog and cat while ingesting Bravecto in them, Follow as your veterinary doctor says about that.

2.    Before and after the treatment, don’t give anything new to eat for your dog. It may be allergic to your dog, and the reason may seem to be unfathomable.

3.    There can be some side effects, you can notice, after applying Bravecto to your dog. Though it is easy to see and easy to cure. But consult your doctor if you notice something unusual.

4.    You can still pet your dog and also can touch it, even if you are applying for the medicine on him. The medication is only harmful to parasites, and there is no side effect of the drugs on humans.

Bravecto is an aesthetic medicine for them who don’t want to keep track of their dog’s medication every month. But before choosing anything for your pet don’t forget to consult your doctor once. It is the safest way to help your dog and help it to be prevented from any other diseases caused by side effects.

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