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There are two FDA approved products to fight against fleas and ticks in your pets: Nexgard and Bravecto. Merial made Nexgard and Bravecto is manufactured by Merck. To choose the best product, as I said before, I have used a few of the medication to help my pets to cure of the insect.
Nexgard was introduced first in the market and after that Bravecto came. Both the products belong to the same chemical family.
Today I am helping you to choose the best product for your pets. Here I am giving you a comparative study of Bravecto and Nexgard. Have a look.
Bravecto: To ingest your dog with Bravecto, it has to be at least 6 months old or more and weighing 4.4 pounds minimum. There are different sizes available for Bravecto in the market. According to the weight and age of your dog, you can ingest Bravecto to your dog.

Nexgard: Nexgard is completely safer to ingest if your dog is at least 8 weeks older and has a weight of 4 pounds.

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Both the products come in the form of chewable tablets. The two of them works on killing fleas and ticks from the dog’s skin. However, there are some significant differences between the products. I will take the factors one by one and will compare both the medicines.
Dosage: In this factor, Bravecto wins the game. Just after only one dosage, Bravecto gives overall protection from fleas and ticks for three months to your dogs. There is not any chance of a missed dose every month.

Whereas Nexgard is a monthly applicable oral pill. This means that, you have to ingest Nexgard every month to your dog.
For the Cats, Bravecto doesn’t have oral medication. There is a topical solution to apply to the cat’s skin. The spot-on solution also gives 8 weeks to 12 weeks of protection to your cats. Nexgard neither has an oral medication nor a spot-on solution for the cats.

Active Ingredients:
The active ingredient of Nexgard is Afoxolaner. Afoxolaner is a neurotoxin that is useful in killing pests. It works within 24 hours of application and kills fleas and ticks off your dog’s body. It helps in killing 100% of the parasite from your dog’s body, and it is to ingest Nexgard frequently, like once in a month.
Fluralaner is also a systematic neurotoxin, which is also the active ingredient of Bravecto. Fluralaner is an active parasiticide and starts working within 2 hours of application. The efficacy of the medication lasts for 3 months after only a single-use.
Price: If you compare both the medicines, you will find that for a three-month dosage of Nexgard, Bravecto is almost $50 more expensive in its single dosage.
Both the medicine comes in the flavours which are favorable to your dogs. Bravecto comes in a secure chewable form and pork flavor. Whereas Nexgard also comes in a chewable form and has beef taste in it.

The flavors of the medicines help to ingest it quickly to your dogs. Though you can give both the medication to your dog directly, it is suggested to mix the dose with the food and then give it to your dogs. You have to make sure that your dog gets a total dosage of any of the drugs.

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Side Effects:
Both the medicines are well researched and has decidedly fewer side effects. Nexgard was applied to 415 dogs and Bravecto to 294 dogs. There are significant symptoms like vomiting, feeling lethargic, decreased appetite, diarrhoea, etc. which are curable. When applied Bravecto, less than 7.1% of dogs were found with the adverse reaction. Whereas when asked with Nexgard less than 4% of dogs were found to get affected by the adverse effect.

Nexgard doesn’t have any medication for cats. Bravecto has a spot-on solution to apply to the cat’s skin. Which works in the same way as the Bravecto chewable pills work on dogs. It gets mixed up with the tissue fluids under the cat’s skin and kills the parasites which are feed on the cat’s blood.

It is never advised to give your cats, those products which are made for dogs. Though it is tough to keep your cats completely safe from fleas and ticks. Most of the cats are indoor and outdoor both. Though the Bravecto spot-on solution works well on cats to some extent.

I am a complete Bravecto fan. For me, Bravecto worked well for both of my pets. My dogs now like Bravecto, and also my veterinary doctor suggested me to be stuck on the medicine.

Bravecto is way better in many ways. It gives a complete three months of protection to my pets, and thus I never missed a single dosage of the medicine.
For Nexgard you have to be cautious because you need to ingest the medicine every month to your dog’s body. Also in the age factor also Nexgard play a vital job. You can give your dog Nexgard if they are just 8 weeks old. For Bravecto your dogs need to be at least 6 months old.
Bravecto is also safe for your dog if it is pregnant or nursing. Overall Bravecto is my first choice, and I would like to recommend to ask your doctor before you settle for any of the medicines.

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