Things to know about Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs

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I know how difficult it is to see your pet in woe. You find them scrabbling their body, licking the body more often and how helplessly your pets try to use the hands. Yes! Your dog might have got affected by the parasites we call Fleas and Ticks.

The bug in your dog’s body creates a state of prodigious irritation. Why not it be? The insect feeds on your dog’s blood and bites it while doing so.

Now your dog needs severe help from you. For my dogs, Bravecto has proven to be a revolutionary spot-on tick treatment for dogs. It can be equally helpful for your dog too, to fight against these parasites. It stops them from spreading and help your pet to stay safe from other diseases that may cause due to the parasite bite.


The key ingredient of Bravecto is called Fluralaner. Fluralaner is an anti-parasite and is safe for your pets’ skin while it can kill the fleas and ticks from the root. Basically, these parasites feed on your pet’s blood and stay stick to your pet’s body.

The spot on the solution of Bravecto is, in general, an ointment which is applied to your pet’s skin while your pet is either standing or sitting on its stomach. The solution comes with a twist-to-use cap. After you take out the tube from the sachet and after the seal of the ointment is broken, the tube is squeezed, and the cream comes out of it.

To apply the ointment to your pet’s skin, you need to part the body hair and vertically place the pipette tip against the skin. Now you can squeeze the tube and can apply the ointment to 1 to 4 places on the pet’s skin.

Don’t overuse the medicine or don’t apply it directly on any skin scratches. Allow it to dry for the next 24 hours and till then don’t allow your dog to swim or don’t wash the pet’s skin.


The active ingredient of the medicine, Fluralaner gets absorbed into the skin of your pet, and it gets inducted into the bloodstream of your dog. Now when the fleas and ticks come to drink the blood of your pet, they feed on the contaminated blood and die.

Bravecto can destroy the life cycle of fleas and ticks, and it gives a 6months protection from fleas and 4 months’ protection from ticks. The Bravecto spot-on for cats provides 3 months’ protection to both.

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Yes, of course. Where Bravecto is the only one chewable, oral treatment for fleas and ticks in dogs, there is spot on solutions of many other brands with different key ingredients.

Bravecto has different spot-on solutions for both: cats and dogs. Another effective spot-on solution for dogs to treat fleas and ticks is Frontline.

Flea tick Frontline spot on dogs comes like the same spot-on solution as Bravecto does. The active ingredients of Frontline are fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Once the solution is applied to the dog’s skin, it gets into the oil glands of your dog, and it works in the same way as Bravecto does.

It gives complete one-month protection to your dog with a single application of the solution. The solution starts working within 4 hours on fleas and takes a maximum of 12 hours to kill ticks, from the medicine is applied.


A comparative study of Bravecto and Frontline shows that Bravecto works more effectively on pets in removing fleas and ticks from the root.

Bravecto doesn’t only treat the existing fleas and ticks’ problem but also stops the parasite and kills their eggs and stops them from spreading further. Not only this but unlike any other spot on a solution including Frontline, Bravecto protects your dog from an extended period than others.

It gives a whole 6 months’ protection from fleas and 4 months’ protection from ticks in dogs, whereas Frontline provides protection of one month.

You don’t have to follow a monthly course and can apply once and stay relaxed for the next few months.

But there is a good thing about Frontline and Bravecto is that, both the solution is waterproof and completely safe for your four-legged companion.

One more thing you need to know about both the medicines is that; while Frontline is an OTC (Over The Counter) medicine, you might need to have a veterinary prescription to buy Bravecto.

Now, if I talk about the price for both the medicines, then you can compare a 6 months’ supply of Frontline with 3 months’ supply of Bravecto. Plus, when you need to go to the veterinary doctor and the fees you pay; the overall makes Bravecto pricier than Frontline.

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WHICH ONE Do I Recommend?

Even when Bravecto is a little bit pricey than Flea Tick Frontline Spot On, I still prefer to have Bravecto over anything. This is because medicine is fast, easy, and extremely efficacious while treating fleas and ticks’ infections.

Also, you don’t have to stop yourself from petting your dog. Also, you don’t need to keep your children away from it instead. Bravecto is entirely safe even when your dog is pregnant or nursing.

Now if your cat is an indoor cat, Bravecto is the most suitable, but if it is an outdoor one, I will suggest you go for Frontline, as it is exclusively for outdoor cats.

So if I leave this part, Bravecto is my last choice, and I would love to stick to it.

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