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If your pet is affected by flea and tick like mine, you must have visited your veterinary doctor. It is always safe to consult your doctor before going for any medication. When I visited my pet’s doctor for the first time with flea and tick problems, he prescribed me the revolutionary medicine Bravecto. Bravecto challenges to protect your pet from flea and ticks for 3 months, only after the single dose.


Bravecto is the safest medication I have ever had for my dogs and cats, and I will recommend it to you too. It works faster than any other medicine and lasts for a longer span. It’s FDA approved and convenient to apply on your pets. Bravecto has chewable tablets for dogs and topical solution for both; dogs and cats.

Well, it is undeniable to have multiple queries about medicine when your doctor has prescribed you. You even must have many things in your mind when you have just started using Bravecto. Here I list a few frequently asked questions and the answers, which will help you to know more about the medicine.

Do I need to use any other insecticide while using Bravecto 3 month flea and Tick pill?

As Bravecto provides adequate protection against fleas and ticks for 12 weeks, there is no need of using any other insecticide while using Bravecto. The dose of Bravecto reaches the tissue fluids, and it is sufficient to kill the insects who are feeding on your dog. With its 3 months protection, it also helps to prevent new flea cycle from coming into action. The fleas and ticks are killed in whichever stage they are, and Bravecto also destroys them even before they lay eggs for the next time.


How does Bravecto Kills Flea and Tick?

Once your dog is fed with this chewable, oral pill or the topical solution is applied to your dogs or cat’s skin, the medicine gets mixed with the tissue fluids. The insects which affected your pets live on sucking the blood from your pet’s body. Once the fleas and ticks get ingested with the Bravecto infused blood, they die. The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner, which is known to be a very long-lasting insecticide.

Can I cuddle my dog after administrating Bravecto?

Why Not? Bravecto for dogs is a chewable and oral tablet. So there is no reason to stop touching your dog when feeding it with Bravecto.

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Can I use Bravecto 3 month flea pill for cats or for my other pets?

Bravecto has two types of composition, one which is edible and is primarily prescribed to dogs and the topical solution for both; cats and dogs. No other pets are allowed to be fed on Bravecto. Though it is quite helpful on other furry animals like rabbits to some extent, it is always better to ask your doctor before doing so.

When should I start Bravecto 3 month flea pill for Dogs?

If your dog is at least 8 weeks of age and weighs a minimum of 2 kgs., you can start using Bravecto flea pill for your dog.

Is Bravecto tasty?

It is not as tasty as your chicken hamburger, but the flavor can be your dog’s favorite. Bravecto comes in a chewable pork flavor, and as per the research, 92% of dogs happily eat Bravecto when given.

What if my dog swallows Bravecto instead of chewing it?

There is no difference between the ways of consumption. The pill must be administered, and if your dog swallows it instead of chewing, there is not any problem. You can even mix the medicine with food while feeding your dog.

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Does Bravecto fit into the yearly wellness program for dogs?

Absolutely yes! As Bravecto gives a long 3 months protection to your dog against fleas and ticks, it fits in the gastrointestinal worming program for your dog. The annual vaccination visits for veterinary clinics also dispense clients with four dosages of Bravecto in a year.

How often should I administer Bravecto?

Bravecto gives 3 months protection against fleas and 4 months protection against ticks, but it is entirely safe if you administer your dog with Bravecto after a gap of 8 weeks. Treatment with Bravecto in every 8 weeks is found to be safe and tolerated.

What is the appropriate time of the day to administer Bravecto to my dog?

There is no such time limit or duration which can be considered as appropriate for your dog to chew Bravecto. You can give Bravecto at any time of the day to your dog, and it is advisable to give Bravecto while feeding your dog. You can give your dog to chew it or even can mix it with food. Just be assured that your dog got a total dose of Bravecto.

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What if I find dead ticks attached to my dog’s skin?

It is entirely all right. Dead ticks can stick onto your dog’s skin, and you can quickly brush them off as compared to live ones.

Is Bravecto safe, if my dog is Pregnant?

Yes. Bravecto is very safe even when your dog is pregnant or breeding or lactating.

You may have many other questions, rather than these. If it’s so, you have all the rights to ask your doctor. Remember it is always better to know every nitty-gritty about any medicine before applying that. When it is about the safety of your dog you can be some extra cautious because you love your dog, don’t you?

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