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The Food and Drug Administration of the USA approved the use of Fluralaner (Bravecto Ingredient) in animals in 2014. Since then Bravecto has proven itself to be an excellent medicine to fight against fleas and ticks in pet dogs. Bravecto is also efficient while keeping the dogs safe for up to 12 weeks from the same insect.


Bravecto is a veterinary medicine used to treat fleas and ticks in animals. The topical or the spot-on solution of Bravecto is for both, the cats and the dogs. The chewable, oral pills are especially for dogs. Both forms of medicine is available in different strength and for different weights.


The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner. Fluralaner is an effective insecticide and tick-icide and is non-competitive Gama Amino-butyric acid (GABA) receptor. This is much more GABA receptor in insects than mammals. It transmits neuronal signals in muscle and nerve cells and is bound to chloride channels. It blocks the ion movement and paralyzes and kills the insects.

Fluralaner acts as an ectoparasiticide. It kills the parasite and leaves them on the skin of the animal or the furs. It helps to reduce the contamination of the medicine in the environment by working rapidly on the insects. Fluralaner kills the fleas even before they can lay eggs for their next cycle.

The medical committee of medicinal products for veterinary use found that Fluralaner has more benefits than risks. The medicine was thus approved. Fluralaner belongs to the therapeutic class named isoxazolines.

Bravecto Ingredients



Multiple studies were held before approving the medicines. The medicine has very reasonable and curable side effects. The most frequent adverse drug reactions are as follows:

Vomiting: In dogs- 7% with the chewable tablets and 6.3% with the topical solution.

                  In cats – 7.6 % with the topical solution.

Diarrhea: In dogs- 5% with the chewable tablets and 2.7% with the topical solution.

                  In cats – 4.9 % with the topical solution.

Lethargy: In dogs- 5.5% with the chewable tablets and 2.7% with the topical solution.

                  In cats – 3.1 % with the topical solution.

Decreased Appetite: In dogs- 6.7% with chewable tablets and 1.4% with the topical solution.

                     In cats – 3.6 % with the topical solution.

Excessive Thirst: In dogs- 2% with the chewable tablets.

Itching: In cats – 7.6 % with the topical solution.

Gas in the intestine: In dogs- 1% with the chewable tablets.

The safety studies for animals show that the pets well tolerate the medicine. Very few of the ingested animals have been affected by its side effects. To chemical residues can be found and thus there is no chance of contamination. Even the humans getting closer to the pets stay harmless from the topical application.

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Fluralaner is said to be safe in the environment. Basically, it is not harmful to any other animal and human except for what it is made for. It is a proven and harmful medicine for insects, and thus it is completely allowed to touch your pets even when you are ingesting Bravecto to them. Fluralaner is insoluble in water.

  • There is no report of toxicity of Fluralaner in the environment
  • Under aerobic and anaerobic conditions Fluralaner is very persistent in the soil. Though Fluralaner breaks down under anaerobic conditions, it is very persistent in aerobic conditions in aquatic sediments.
  • When used as recommended in dogs, there is no report of posing a risk to the environment.
  • It is found that Fluralaner is toxic for terrestrial and aquatic arthropods.


To help to save your pet dogs and cats, Fluralaner is suggested to use as per the recommended dosages. Here I an overall dosing reference for Fluralaner.

Dose/kg Form of Ingestion Parasite Duration of Protection
25 to 56 mg Oral Fleas 3 months
25 to 56 mg Oral Ticks 8 to 12 weeks
25 to 56 mg Topical Fleas 3 Months
25 to 56 mg Topical Ticks 8 to 12 weeks
40 to 95 mg Topical Fleas 3 months
40 to 95 mg Topical Ticks 8 to 12 weeks

Fluralaner is a little similar to sarolaner and afoxolaner. Fluralaner has a regular mode of action. The Fleas and Ticks generally feed on the pet blood. Once the pets are ingested with a single dose of Fluralaner, it reaches the tissue fluids of the pets, and for the next time when the insects bite the animal body, it sucks the medicine induced blood and gets killed. Fluralaner also works against the other diseases that are transmitted by the insects to the animal body.

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The mode of action of Fluralaner is antipathy. The medicine can work well. Thus it is prescribed to ingest your pet with a single dose of Bravecto. As you can see above, a single treatment lasts for 12 weeks while fighting against the parasite.


There are not any flavor options for Bravecto as of now. Thus it comes only one flavor, i.e. chewable pork flavor. The researchers have seen that the dogs who have given to eating Bravecto, like the flavor of the pill, and they willingly intake the capsule. Though you can ingest the medicine directly to your pet, you can even mix it with their food while feeding them.

The FDA approval shows that the medicine is safe as well as works with efficacy. There are many chewable medicines, medicines for fleas and ticks. However, no other drug works as long as Bravecto does. It takes only 2 hours to start working on insects. It works on ticks faster than any other medicines. You can entirely rely on the medication to help your pets to be cured. However, it is always advisable to ask your doctor before starting to use it. The dosages and the frequency may get altered as per the need of the medicine for your pets. Take care of your pet!



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